I Am An Advocate For Our Children

As a parent and long-time volunteer in our schools, I have seen first hand the great things happening in our classrooms every day. We have very dedicated, talented teachers who strive to kindle a spark in every child. We have committed staff working to ensure our schools are safe, clean, healthy environments where students can learn and grow. I am grateful to have a school district that cares about our kids, and I want to ensure that our schools remain strong for years to come.

Every Child, Every School

Education must be about each child's success. With the pressure to adhere to increasing testing and systemization, it is hard to maintain focus on the most important truth -- each child is unique with his/her own strengths and challenges. Great teachers know that the curriculum must be differentiated based on abilities, experience, learning style and interest. We must support and encourage the child who is struggling to help them reach their full potential. And, it is equally important to ensure we challenge and reward our students who are excelling, so they are motivated to soar. A great school can help each student kindle her/his own spark for learning, and provide them with the knowledge and skills to chart a course for their best future.

It's All About Choices

Dual Immersion, Global Citizenry, Arts, Music, STEM -- it's all about providing students and families with opportunities to make their education relevant and engaging. In order to create the work force of the future, we need schools that are enriching, inspiring places of learning and which provide flexibility for student's interest and career paths. Engaged students will work harder and get more out of their class time. This is an essential step in helping them to build a rewarding, productive future.