Grade-Level Reading

Reading proficiency by third grade is the most important predictor of high school graduation and career success. Investing time and resources to prepare students to read, supporting their success and help them overcome obstacles will ensure they are ready for the opportunities that middle school, high school and college provide.

Pathways to Success

We can prepare our students to thrive in careers in growth industries, like technology, health care and agri-business. Partnerships with local businesses and trade groups can engage students in hands-on experiences. Not only does applied learning make classes more meaningful for students, it also creates an educated, skilled work force for local businesses.

Classroom Innovations

We are fortunate to have dedicated, motivated teachers and school staff. By supporting innovations in our curriculum, we can give teachers the freedom to bring new ideas into the classroom — taking advantage of their strengths and passions to engage students. Using new technology, great teachers and community support we can re-energize our classrooms.

No More Bake Sales!

For too long families have been shouldering the cost to supply essential instructional items. We should not be holding fundraisers to purchase classroom materials, instruments or books. We need a budget that reflects the real cost of educating our children. Donations should be for 'extras' not essentials.

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